Pizza Making in Asolo

Written by jdinino November 20, 2017

After returning from an exciting weekend in Amsterdam, what better way to cure the Monday blues than to attend a pizza making class with Asolo’s very own, Sevario! Sevario has owned Bar Pizzeria Cornaro for over 20 years. His displays his expertise by how effortlessly his rolls out the dough, his vast knowledge on pizza, and finally, his consistently perfect pies.

As I entered the restaurant, the wall décor immediately caught my eye. The walls were decorated with family photos, mementos, and thank you notes from customers. Experiencing a family-run Italian business made this experience that much more special. Immediately, I turned to my left and saw Sevario grinning ear to ear behind his granite countertop.

Eager to teach us his ways, we kicked off the night with an in-depth explanation of how to make perfect dough. He explained every aspect of dough making, even the delicate balance between air temperature, yeast, and water. Throughout his explanation, he was quizzing us with pizza-making trivia. He joked that we had to earn our pizza by answering his questions correctly. At one point, he even pointed to the door for us to leave after we answered so many incorrectly. Eventually, we made it through his quiz and finally started to make our pizzas.

Rolling out the dough is significantly harder than it looks, however, most of us were able to master it after several attempts with the help of Sevario. Once our dough was rolled, we moved to adding toppings. Sevario offered so many toppings that I couldn’t decide what I wanted. Grilled zucchini, mushrooms, arugula, olives – he had it all. He and Cristina helped me pick out which toppings would complement each other the best, and the final result was to die for.


Here is a picture of me, Andy Kalfas, and Kyle Makey with our finished pizzas.

Finally, we all sat upstairs for dinner – even Dr. Al, Cristina, and Mr. Crawford joined us! We left the restaurant with full stomachs, yet, somehow, had room for gelato from Caffe Centrale. Overall, it was such a fun and informative experience; and now I look forward to teaching my family how to make the perfect dough when I return home!