It was Nice in Florence!

Written by daniellecann June 12, 2023

I can not believe that it’s almost over. As I entered this last week, I am amazed at how quickly it has flown by. Before I came, I was so nervous and scared at what lay ahead for me. The last month has been the most surreal experience I have ever had. 

The first weekend was fun but the second weekend was even better! I went with two other friends and we went to Florence for the weekend! I can say with confidence that it is one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever seen. Everyone says that, but to experience it with your own eyes is something else. My friends and I filled up on gelato and wine, while also experiencing the culture there. In the middle of the city is the famous Duomo that was so gorgeous with such detail in the building and seeing the bridge as well on the river at sunset was just so gorgeous. The entire weekend, I could not believe that this was my life at that moment. We got the best pasta there and even used the secret wine doors that are all throughout the city, because they do not have to open shops or pay taxes! It was so cool and such a fun thing to do! 

The next thing that we did in Florence was go to the Giardino Bardini, which is a beautiful walking garden that overlooks the entire city. It was so gorgeous to just sit there and admire the beautiful city. My friends and I decided that we were just going to relax at the top and just chill for a few hours up there since there was a little cafe. It was probably the best decision we had ever made. We talked the entire time about anything and everything and it was so crazy how much these girls meant to me. It felt like I had known them my entire life when in reality I had only met them two weeks ago. It is crazy how life works sometimes. 

The following weekend myself and four other friends decided to go to Nice, France and once again so beautiful. We were in the middle of Nice and just a short walk from the beach, which of course is cool with international waters and such! We flew there and immediately went to the beach. The beach was somewhat different than what is expected in the States – they were rock beaches! The rocks were big and honestly uncomfortable and I would take sand beaches over rock beaches any day, but it was a fun experience to say that I swam in international waters!

We also went to Monte Carlo, Monaco and could you say WOW again. It was so pretty and compact like it was surreal. We found this overlook of pretty much all of Monaco, since the country itself is so small, and it was just buildings on top of buildings with the outlook of the pier and gorgeous bright blue water. It was so much fun and to say you’ve been to Monte Carlo is another cool thing I will be able to say after my time at CIMBA. 

Although it was not all easy breezy. Unfortunately, there were flight strikes that weekend, and since we had flown to France, it was chaotic. We did book our flight early in the morning, but a lot of people ended up having to spend another few hours to get back earlier, or get back later, and very few the next day because of it. Thankfully, the CIMBA staff was so accommodating in helping everyone out and sending all needed information out to make sure the students would get back when needed with accommodations and help! I was so happy we were all taken care of, and they were more than willing to help!

Overall it was such a great experience that I would do it again if I could. Until next time!