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Written by cimbaitaly November 15, 2023

Being a Formula 1 fan in Italy is extra special because of the rich history of racing here. Being able to go to iconic tracks and experience them is extremely exciting. Having gotten into Formula 1 just a couple of months before coming to CIMBA was great, as while I watched the races, I got to see places that I could potentially visit in my time abroad.

Formula 1 has become one of my favorite pastimes and as my love for it grew, I started to plan my weekends around it. In the past weekends, we got to visit Maranello which is the birthplace of Ferrari. We went to experience the Ferrari Museum and learn about their famed racing history.

We then went to Monaco, to see one of the most Iconic tracks. It was extraordinary to walk around the track and see sights like the legendary hairpin and the tunnel running under the Fairmont. We also happened to stumble upon some Formula 1-related places over our fall break: we found a Formula 1 merchandise store in Amsterdam and a Formula 1 arcade in London which was a themed bar and restaurant with racing simulators. Both quickly became highlights of the trip.

This weekend we decided to go to Autodromo Nazionale Monza to experience a rally car race. Our trip started by missing our first bus out of Paderno del Grappa, luckily for us, there was another one in 30 minutes, just enough time to get a coffee. Once we made it to the Bassano del Grappa train station, we caught our first train to Venice and our second to Milan. After a couple of delays, we made it to Milan and got a ride to the Autodromo.

Once there we were able to walk through the paddock, where we were allowed to get an inside look at what happens before a race and see the mechanics work on the cars and the drivers preparing to race, a unique experience as that area if usually closed off to the public. After taking in the paddock, we entered through the media center and climbed to the roof to watch the race.

Being able to go visit Monza was thrilling because of its long history in racing and its prestige. Opening in 1922 Monza is the oldest purpose-built track in Europe, its largest event is, of course, the Italian Grand Prix held since 1949.

While watching the race it was also interesting to compare what I knew about F1 racing to what we were seeing and how they were similar and how they differed. From how the cars sounded, to how they maneuvered, and the cars themselves, it was a chance to experience a new and exciting form of racing. We were also taking in the sights of Monza, while taking in the famous parabolica and the first chicane of the race. We spent the rest of our time just taking in the atmosphere and watching the hustle and bustle of a race weekend.

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