A Day in My Life as a CIMBA Student

Written by stellafitzgerald November 15, 2023

When I think of the term studying abroad, I think about exciting travels – visiting new, exotic places every week. And while you do get the chance to do just that on the weekends, what does a normal day look like as a student in the CIMBA study abroad program?

During the average weekday, I would start the day off with a delicious chocolate croissant from the cafeteria. I would go to my first period class, with my incredible International Marketing professor who would always start the class of with a silly joke to brighten the mood, and get the day started on the right foot.

After this class, I would grab my essential cappuccino from the coffee vending machine (god I miss that thing)!

I would then go to my next class- Introduction to Management, with Jana Fitchett. During this class period, we would sometimes get to watch people dance (if they showed up late), listen to fantastic guest speakers, and discuss, debate, and learn in our small management groups. As I played the different roles of facilitator, speaker, and devils advocate, I grew as a manager, team member, and friend with the people in my group and whole class.

During the average morning, you also have an hour free block. During this time, I would catch up on homework, take a walk around campus, or take a nap (studying abroad can be exhausting)!

Next, I would grab some lunch (it was usually pasta… perfectly fitting for Italy), and then I would be off for my afternoon block period. During this three-hour period, I went on international company tours, visited vineyards, explored neighboring towns, walked to get gelato, and many more with my classes.

At the end of the day, I would grab dinner at the cafeteria or go treat myself to delicious pizza at the pizzeria. Depending on the day, I would finish it off homework, hang out with friends in our room or the Hawk Lounge, or socialize at Tini’s Café, also called Jack’s Bar.

The days at CIMBA were always filled with lots of learning, good company, and good times! I hope this gives you a little more insight into the average day at CIMBA during the summer session!