A New Home

Written by Kelsey V. February 3, 2015

View from my window!

Another beautiful window view from my friend Diana’s room!

My beautiful school building- ISTITUTI FILIPPIN!

Was so excited to receive my LIFE certificate!

The experience would not have been the same without these women!

WOW! What a week it has been. I want to take this time to give a brief overview of my first week here in Paderno. We arrived on Sunday and attended a campus tour immediately after. I was in love from the start! The view here is absolutely breathtaking. I couldn’t help snapping pictures every few steps during the tour- it was impossible to resist! After the tour I finally settled into my room. I first noticed the oversized, wooden windows. My curiosity led me to open the windows and my view was nearly indescribable. My window looks out over the mountains and town. The best part is the lack of a screen- just fresh air! I start every morning with a gust of fresh air and a glance at the mountains. What could be a better start to the day?

The next few days were a blur of attending orientations, making new friends and avoiding jet lag. In our orientations, we learned basic language skills and travel tips. I am putting these tips to use next weekend on our first free weekend! I will be traveling to Florence and cannot wait to share the experience with you all via blog!

I concluded the LIFE leadership training this afternoon- woo! Without spoiling too much, I would like to acknowledge the program in the highest regard. It surpassed my expectations by miles! LIFE was an amazing way to  learn more about myself and start forming lifelong friendships. I can confidently say that I have 43 new close friends after completing the program. I can’t wait to get the know the other people here this semester as well as I know my LIFE group!

It is quite the challenge to put all the amazing things I am experiencing here into words. Therefore, I have decided to share a list with you! These are my 7 (one for each day I have been here) favorite things about Paderno and CIMBA thus far:

1. The gorgeous view the campus provides. The mountains are a huge change-up for a girl from Indiana!

2. The Italian children that we share a campus with. Not only are they absolutely adorable, but they are beyond excited to see Americans and practice their English!

3. The LIFE program. Enough said!

4. Meeting people from all over the U.S. that are all here for a common goal.

5. The professors! I have never had a better bunch of professors in my college career. These people are not only dedicated to their job, but dedicated to improving their students as well.

6. Gelato. Need I say more? I enjoyed lemon gelato on a cone my first night here- it was delicious!

7. The diversity. There are people on this campus from all over the world. These people include my classmates, my professors and the community.

This Sunday we are hiking in Asolo- a small town nearby that is said to be picturesque. I will update you on the hike and more in next week’s blog. Ciao!