Written by Kate November 14, 2018

I’ve known for years that I wanted to study abroad when I was an undergraduate student. Though I hadn’t decided exactly where, I always imagined myself in Europe. After many visits to the study abroad office and extensive research on the different programs, I decided CIMBA was the best possible program available for business students. Here’s why:


  1. Classes- CIMBA classes are designed for business students to ensure they are getting the best education while still tailoring the curriculum to the schedule of the program. My classes at CIMBA all transfer back to The University of Iowa, so I was able to take a full semester abroad without getting behind on my degree. The professors at CIMBA are all extremely mindful of the traveling students are doing, so while they are teaching the same curriculum you would be learning back home, they organize it in such a way that it does not interfere with your weekends and travel breaks. CIMBA offers summer or semester long programs, so you can pick a length that best fits you.


  1. Finances- The CIMBA program offered more scholarship opportunities than any other program available to business students. They had a variety of payment plans, and their tuition is significantly lower than many other study abroad programs. Additionally, CIMBA includes housing, laundry, textbooks, and meals in their tuition costs. The money saved on these expenses can be used for additional travel during your time abroad.


  1. Location- CIMBA students live in a residence hall in Paderno del Grappa; there is no commute to classes, and it’s the perfect atmosphere to meet other students. Paderno del Grappa is located in Northern Italy, making it the perfect location to access other parts of the country and other places in Europe. Students can take trains, buses, or head to one of the near airports to travel within Italy or explore other parts of the EU. The town is surrounded by beautiful mountains, and you are living with both American and Italian students on campus.


For these reasons I chose to spend my semester abroad in Italy. I have had a wonderful experience living with other CIMBA students, and I’ve have visited almost 10 countries during an amazing several months abroad. CIMBA is the ideal program for any business student wanting to see more of the world.