LIFE Lessons From My First Week Abroad

Written by Adam September 20, 2016

Oh, that view

My room ft. my foot

First of many cups of gelato

Oh man, where do I begin,

This first week has been nothing but fun, experiential, and a giant stepping stone for myself. I was/have been able to connect with so many people in so little time. Whether it was through the Leadership Institute (LIFE) or just finding commonalities between complete strangers, I can already say I’ve made some incredible friends. We have shared our experiences together through LIFE, class, playing sports, working out, late nights at the sports cafe….oh, and gelato of course. 

When first arriving to the CIMBA campus, there was so much to take in – the cool buildings, the culture, beautiful Mount Grappa. I was overwhelmed with joy. The rooms are recently renovated so they are not your average dorm rooms (check out the photo gallery). Also, I bet your American, college dorm room doesn’t have a bidet. It’s safe to say I feel a bit spoiled and luxurious here. 

At first, I thought juggling five classes, new friends, and travel would be hard but I’m starting to get a grip on it all. The professors are all very understanding that we want to make weekend travel plans and explore with each other so they sort of tailor the work load towards the week so we can enjoy our weekends. The professors are also very personable, fun people who are mostly from outside of Italy and want to help us enjoy our study abroad experience (emphasis on the “abroad” part). 

Another experience that we all went through and succeeded in was LIFE, CIMBA’s three day leadership course. To save the underlying meaning(s) of the course and it’s details, all I will say is that it really is a life-changing experience that brings you closer to yourself and classmates, who now all feel like family. It’s not like those gimmicks that you see advertised on the internet that says “learn from a leader who will make you rich” course. It’s the real deal, and if you are planning on going to CIMBA in the future, definitely enroll in LIFE. If you aren’t even sure about going abroad, consider the value of the LIFE course as an immense factor when thinking about going. Imagine your entire life changing for the better in less than a week in Italy and becoming close with others during the entire process. The last thing I will say is thank you to team 1076 for helping make the experience what it was. 

In summary, first week, immersed in the culture, much more relaxed and less anxious about classes, excited to explore with fellow Cimbians, and LIFE…all in less than a week of being in Italy. 

Ciao, Adam