Arrivederci to the Best Summer

Written by daniellecann July 10, 2023

I do believe that everything comes to an end but I never really think the journey is over. I do however believe all experiences come to an end and I am never good at goodbyes so this was a hard one. I spent months preparing for this trip and it just is over as quickly as it came. I had the best month of my life with experiences I will never forget. It was the best time and I can not wait to tell these stories to all that listen. 

This experience was one for the books. Between learning the culture, how to navigate the traveling, the delicious food, and making the best memories with new people, it was so joyous. I loved every minute of it. Everyone was so wonderful and the staff at Cimba especially, I am saddened that it is something I have to say goodbye too. 

Although it was nice to have these experiences, I am sad I will never be able to live them again. I won’t be able to meet new people from different universities while also studying abroad in this cute little town. I will not be able to make memories with life here in Europe and I will also not be able to relive this same exact experience again. Everyone was so nice and patient when traveling on the weekends, and fine with the “Americans,” as we asked some questions and were eager to learn their culture. My friends and I would often ask locals their favorite restaurant or place to go to see what they thought was better than the “typical” tourist places. They had some great ideas and they were so delightful as well! 

After the month had ended, I decided to head to London to see Harry Styles! It was like a dream come true, I also did it with a girl I had met through Cimba, which was pretty cool. I never would have been able to do that if it were not for Cimba and the great atmosphere they had created for us. 

We saw so many things! We saw Big Ben, the London Eye, the London Bridge, and Buckingham Palace (of course). There were so many cool things to see and do, it also rained while we were there, which was fun in my opinion since it was the “London normal.” I also love Harry Potter so I saw platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross Station and even saw some of the things that were inspired for the sets, and even where a few London scenes were filmed from the movies. It was pretty cool to see that. 

Although it was great, I am happy to finally be home as well. I missed everything I was so used to and accustomed to in America. Like free water with ice, I missed my ice so much  I also missed being able to drive believe it or not. I just missed seeing familiar faces as well. I did become familiarized over there as well with all the friends I made,  the experiences and memories we have lived through together. No one really tells you what is like to come home after such a surreal experience like that. It was crazy that after all that traveling and seeing those amazing places, you have to come back to reality and go to work or do whatever it is you do at home. It feels boring after you just had a European Summer like from the movies. Crazy!