A Week in the Life

Written by tracytanner June 14, 2021

You may be wondering: What exactly does a week in the life of a study abroad student look life? Well, I am glad you asked!

  1. I wake up at 8 AM to prepare for my first class at 9 AM. My eyes open and adjust to the sometimes-still-strange surroundings, the light flooding in the large double-paned windows (that begins around 6AM) and my ears adjust to the harmony of birds as they sing their chorus… every morning… as if their lives depends on it. I hit snooze reluctantly, excited to face a new day, but tired from all the adventures of the day prior.
  2. I make my way downstairs to eat a true Italian breakfast. The first week definitely took some getting used to: no sizzling bacon, avocado toast, or scrambled eggs will greet you. Instead, a variety of deliciously filled croissants; cold cut cheese and meat; and my new favorite fruit: apricots. I quickly learned that “latte” is not the American latte I am used to, and that meat and cheese are served at every meal.
  3. I finish up any readings I have before my first class… which I never have any because I am so on top of everything in Italy and never procrastinate! 😉 In my Global Consumer class, we have been reading “A Long Way Gone, Memoirs of a Boy Soldier.” We are currently studying Africa, its economy and military system. After our intensive study and walk to the bakery 3 minutes from campus to finish up class, we have a short break.
  4. Time for my second course of the day: Introduction to Law and Ethics. Currently, we are studying Tesla, real-estate law, bankruptcy, and our Professor shares with us her personal experiences, failures, and successes. I have informed my mother that I have learned more in the past weeks than I did the whole past school year.
  5. Lunch Time! I also learned that I would soon become accustomed to a lunch time of 1 PM. A variety of pastas greet us. Over lunch, we discuss our field trip or activity of the afternoon and evening.
  6. 1-5 listed above occur every day Monday through Thursday/Friday. In the afternoons, we are never bored! In just the past week alone, my afternoons have been full of activities such as tiramisu making, wine tasting, trips to botanical gardens, to surrounding towns such as Padua, walks to the Burger Food Truck (which I waited over 2 hours for because I just NEEDED a hamburger!), walks to the sports bar on campus, or even group walks around Paderno. As the campus alone is filled to the brim with views and adventures! Then dinner follows or is sandwiched in between activities. I finish my school work and lay my tired head down for the night.
  7. Alongside our courses and activities is… TRIP PLANNING for the weekends! This is one of the most fun parts of the study abroad experience and I believe is what truly shapes us individuals and teaches us skills such as adaptability, independence, flexibility, decision making and teamwork. Whether it is booking an AirBnb, buying train tickets, purchasing tickets to museums, or finding the towns hottest restaurants… many decisions are made. What sets CIMBA apart is you do NOT have every moment of every day planned for you. What is the fun in that? Instead you are allowed to create your own endeavors and experiences, challenge your personal limitations, and participate fully in the independence and once in a lifetime adventure!

So, a week in the life doesn’t sound tooooo shabby, does it?