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  • Caroline
  • Furman University
  • 2017 Fall

Take It Slow, Take It In 10/23/17

        When I decided to study abroad, I could not help but think about all the countries I would explore during my time in Italy. I would be in Europe for three months, so why not try to see as many places as I possibly could, right?         Well, […]

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  • Madison
  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Summer 2017

Planning a long travel weekend 06/06/17

Within the summer program, students are given 2 long weekends and 1 short weekend to go and travel wherever we would like. In doing this, it is sometimes hard to decide where you want to go, who to go with, and how to get there. One thing that we struggled with for our first weekend […]

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  • Mallory
  • University of Colorado-Boulder
  • 2017 Spring

Top Things To Know Before Traveling 03/07/17

Since I have left America, I have traveled to five different cities in three different countries. In each of my travel experiences I have learned something new, whether from a series of unfortunate events or just a helpful hint I’ve picked up along the way! Here are the top four things I think you should […]

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  • Mallory
  • Furman University
  • 2016 Fall

Travel Tips 101: Embrace Your Inner Tourist 11/02/16

Our first travel weekend arrived faster than I was expecting! Time here is really flying by. I was lucky enough to be able to spend the long weekend traveling to Venice and Florence with Emma and her grandparents. We met her grandparents at the airport on Saturday morning when they arrived and our weekend chalked full […]

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  • Kaden
  • Kansas State University
  • 2016 Summer

Rick Steves Doesn’t Know Everything: How to See the Real Italy 06/21/16

If you are going to travel to Europe and you haven’t heard of Rick Steves, you should do a quick Google search.  Over the years, Rick Steves has produced several excellent guides to help you hit all of the key parts of Europe, including monuments, museums, and restaurants.  I suggest you use them when you […]

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  • Alicia
  • Western Michigan University
  • 2016 Spring

Traveling in Packs: The Pros and Cons of Traveling in Large Groups 02/09/16

This past weekend I experienced my first overnight travel away from CIMBA, and, like any other first, it was quite the learning experience. Our party of ten was one of many that chose to spend their second weekend abroad in beautiful Firenze (Florence). Together we trooped up and down the ancient cobblestone streets – tripping […]

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  • Elizabeth
  • University of Minnesota
  • 2015 Fall

Embracing My Inner Tourist 10/15/15

“Is there such a thing as a traveler’s high?” is a question that popped out of my mouth as we were wandering around Florence last weekend. While the more technical term may be “wanderlust” (definition: a strong longing for or impulse toward wandering), I know for certain that there is a rush of adrenaline that comes along with […]

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  • Drew
  • The University of Iowa
  • 2015 Fall

How to Break Through the American Study Abroad Stereotype 10/15/15

I apologize in advance if this posts sounds like a rant. However, I ran into one of my biggest study abroad pet peeves this weekend and I wanted to express my feelings toward that situation. Before getting into the story, here’s a quick update on my life. I finally finished orientation programs and just completed […]

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  • Katherine
  • University of Arkansas
  • 2015 Summer

Study Abroad Lesson #1: Do As the Italians Do 05/21/15

“A 10,000 mile journey all begins with a single step.” What this Chinese proverb forgot to mention was the car, 3 planes, 2 trains, and the bus I took to get there. But the journey, the getting there, can be as vital to growth as the destination. Getting on my first plane to Chicago, it […]

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  • Katie
  • University of Minnesota-Duluth
  • 2015 Spring

Travel: The Greatest Teacher of All 05/07/15

“The best education you will ever get is traveling. Nothing teaches you more than exploring the world and accumulating experiences.” On my first morning back in the United States, I awoke feeling as though the entire semester had been a dream. Upon my return, people began asking me, “How was Italy?” Initially, I was stumped […]

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