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  • Chris
  • University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • Spring 2018

“There’s an App for that” 02/19/18

During a semester program at CIMBA Italy, students receive various opportunities to travel.  Specifically, there are two extended travel weeks, and one 10 day break roughly placed in the middle of the semester.  This past weekend, we had our first, four day weekend.  With all of this travel coming up, I thought it would be […]

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  • Sydney
  • The University of Iowa
  • 2017 Spring

Smartphone Survival: The Top 5 Apps To Get You Through Study Abroad 04/05/17

1.) CityMaps CityMaps allows you to download maps while on wifi and then use them offline through your location services. Aside from helping you find a train station or your hostel, CityMaps will also help you find and filter everything from a restaurant with a rooftop terrace to the best places to go sightseeing in […]

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  • Kaden
  • Kansas State University
  • 2016 Summer

5 “Must-Have” Smartphone Apps While Traveling Abroad 05/19/16

Making the most of your study abroad experience has never been easier thanks to advancements in technology.  With your smartphone, you can easily organize your travel information, budget for your trip, and send pictures and messages back home to your family!  Here are five must-have applications for your trip abroad. WhatsAppIf you’re not careful, international […]

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