7 Weekend Traveling Protips

Written by Sam May 30, 2017

During my first couple weeks at CIMBA, I have already learned a few things about traveling and have some advice for you:

1. Plan and book as early as possible. It will be cheaper, and there will be more available space at nicer/more convenient trains/planes/buses and hostels/Airbnb’s/hotels. Also, print your ticket early!

2. Pack the night before. Once you are done packing, take a few things out because you definitely over packed. Also, your class will run late, and you will forget something if you pack in 5 minutes before the 1:15 bus.

3. If you need help picking where to go, ask the professors. Most of them enjoy talking about traveling around Italy more than whatever they are teaching.

4. Wake up early every day and go see things because the bed you are staying in probably isn’t that comfortable anyway. You can sleep in America.

5. Guided tours are very helpful. It changes the experience a lot to understand what you are looking at (especially in museums).

6. Travel with friends! Even if you didn’t come with to CIMBA with people you knew, you will make friends quickly and traveling in groups is always a lot of fun!

7. Before departing, go through the entire trip to make sure everything is set and you don’t only book trains halfway to your destination like my cousin and I did!

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