Advice for new CIMBIANS

Written by Rachel April 29, 2014

1. Go to the Tabacchi with your friends and get sandwiches (10x better than anything at Jimmy John’s or Subway).  Have a picnic at the picnic tables on campus!

2. Go on a run around Paderno and to other nearby towns.  There are a few hills (they never really get any easier…) but the view from the top is worth it.

3. Hang out at Jesus Field and kick the soccer ball around with your friends, or play basketball at the courts on campus.

4. Always sign up for activities CIMBA has for you!  There are so many things to choose from: suit shopping, pasta making and pizza making, bowling with your professors, volunteering at different organizations around Paderno, etc.  The list never ends!

5. Establish good relationships with CIMBA staff and your professors.  These people just want to see you succeed and they do everything they can to make sure it happens!

6. Go to the local pizzeria for dinner.  They have some bomb pizza and sandwiches.  It’s less than 10 minutes from  campus!

7. Have fun at the Sports Bar! (It’s actually a small cafe, but the CIMBA Spring 2014 Class had some good times there.)

8. Learn as much as you can and always make time to study!  Life can get hectic from traveling every weekend, but don’t forget about your schoolwork.  The three months you spend at CIMBA are the fastest three months of your life, so make every day count.  After all, it is called “STUDY Abroad”!

9. Don’t be afraid to make friends outside the initial “group” you become friends with.  You will become close with everyone by the end of your three months in Paderno, so don’t be shy!

10. Make sure you take full advantage of the vending machines and coffee machines on campus.  You’ll understand why once you get there.

11. If you’re not signed up for Italian Live, make sure you pay attention in Survival Italian!  You’ll take this workshop during the first few weeks on campus.  You’ll learn important phrases, so make sure you focus.

12. Let loose during LIFE.  Don’t take anything too seriously.  You’ll understand why after you graduate.

13. BUY NUTELLA BALLS at the local café.  These bad boys will change your life.  I’m not even kidding.  I miss them already.

14. Don’t freak out about drinking the coffee in the cafeteria from bowls.  You get used to it.

15. Do your best to facetime/skype your friends and family back home.  They miss you more than you realize.  Life at CIMBA can be very busy, but don’t forget about everyone at home.