Don’t Forget to Take an Extra Copy: Top 5 Things to Duplicate before You Get on Your Flight to Italy

Written by Megan May 14, 2016

With travel, it goes without saying that it’s better to be safe than sorry. There are a number of important things travelers should duplicate and take with them overseas to avoid sticky situations that could land them in an unexpected destination. Here are the top five things to copy and carry with you when traveling:

Passport: A passport is a traveler’s golden ticket. An extra copy of your passport is a must when traveling to a different country because it’s your key to cross any border and return home. Having an extra photo of your passport can allow you to lock your real passport away when arriving to your destination while still carrying a form of ID in case of emergencies. 

Airline Ticket(s): It’s a good idea to check into your flight 24 hours before your departure either online or on a mobile device, but you should always print off your tickets as well. A physical copy of your flight tickets can save you time at the airport and can help reduce stress. 

Emergency Phone Numbers: Foreign countries usually mean foreign numbers. When you leave your home country, make sure you have a copy of emergency phone numbers you might need along the way. For example, your airline’s phone number should be on speed dial before you even arrive at the airport. It is a key number you might need in case of flight changes, layovers, etc. 

Transportation Routes: When you arrive at your destination, know your first route and take a copy of a map. If you are traveling to Europe, start researching train routes. If you are going to Asia, start researching taxi and subway systems. Coming out of an airport already marks you as a tourist so make sure you have a sense of your next move to improve blending in.

Insurance Card: This card is just as important as all your other cards, or maybe even more. Your insurance card should be carried with you at all times while another is stored in a safe place. Also, your closest traveling partner should have a copy of your card in case of an emergency.