Friends that Will Last a Lifetime

Written by Madison June 20, 2017

Old City Walls in Dubrovnik.

Boatrides in croatia!

Beautiful view of Dubrovnik!

As I’ve said before, I’m the only one from my university who attended this program. With that being said, that has been one of my favorite parts about studying abroad. From week one, the group of people I met and became friends with were all from different universities. I think that was great because it gave us all things to talk about and compare where everyone was from. On top of us all being from different schools, a lot of us had different home states which made it funny trying to explain to locals where we were all from. To me it’s crazy how close a group of people can become within just the first week of classes. With the amount of time you spend with people here, you learn so much about who they are, where they come from, and so much more.

So this post is about how I can see the friends I’ve made here will last me a lifetime. I think it’s amazing how in the first travel weekend we were able to trust each other to travel by train to a huge new city and stay in an Airbnb with people we’ve only known for five days! When I think about the first five days in my fall semester, I would not have been close to being able to travel with my new friends let alone exploring a new city in a new country. But being as we get to spend so much of our time with each other, this program was an exception. By being able to travel with these new friends, it made our friendships even stronger because we got a sense of trust among the group. It is also nice because these are the only people we get to see everyday for a month so we have lots of time to share about our lives.

Along with learning how to travel by train together, we also got the chance to fly to another country on one of our longer weekends. This showed us how we could work together in a country in which none of us knew the language . I remember this weekend specifically because we all had a conversation about meeting up and having a reunion back in the states. I couldn’t believe that after two weeks we were already discussing getting together again and possibly even traveling next summer together. It still amazes me how this program and studying abroad was able to bring a group of people so close together. I can’t wait to see where our next journey takes us and what we will do upon returning to the U.S.