Crunch Time: Studying for Finals during Study Abroad

Written by Adam December 13, 2016

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I can’t believe it’s the middle of my last week here. My incredible journey here at CIMBA is coming to a close. But, there’s one thing in the way: finals. Every class has a final  at CIMBA. They are not cumulative (thank goodness!) but that’s what your last week consists of. I know, it may sound absolutely horrible that your last week here is spent studying your brains out, but there’s an upside to it.

Firstly, It keeps you focused off of the thought of leaving your friends who you’ve grown so close to. I guess that’s why they have the last gourmet dinner on the Monday on finals week where they bring in a DJ and you can make some final memories. Finals are also still part of the learning experience. The exams are packed into the last three days and it really pushes you, mentally. CIMBA is all about developing those personal skills and being here has definitely been doing the trick. I have definitely noticed that my work effort and quality of work that I’ve put forth along my journey has grown immensely. I’ve learned how to study more efficiently so that I have more time to hang out with people. My professors aren’t the easiest of graders, but it’s not because they believe your work is not good – it’s to bring the best out of you and to push you to improve. They understand that finals push and are here every step of the way to help you prepare. It may sound like a challenge but I can guarantee that when I’m back home, I’ll be a better worker and a more efficient one. 

All in all, when I’m able to get my head out of my books and sit back and look at what CIMBA has done for me thus far, I’m more confident in my ability to learn, especially in a compressed semester with new people and a ton of traveling. When you’re back home, most of your Sunday’s are spent watching football or studying. Mine are spent resting so that I’m able to be fresh, and attentive at my 8:25 class on Monday. A lot of people go into studying abroad expecting easy classes and for it to be a vacation. I was worried about CIMBA not being that and it truthfully isn’t. But I am glad it’s not. I’m glad my abilities are being pushed to the limit. I’m glad that I will go home with the good grades to show for my hard work, and not just the pictures and stories to show for my amazing time here. 

Time to get back to the grind,