February 16-18

LIFE Leadership Training in Newark, New Jersey

February 16-18, 2018

LIFE is a three-day, full immersion leadership program that explores and brings out the best in you as a leader. By changing thinking based on objective data, it awakens the leader within. LIFE enables you to better understand the effect you have on other people, stimulates personal insights, and boosts personal leadership effectiveness.

LIFE is experiential and science-based. Rather than a traditional lecture or classroom format, you actually feel and experience the qualities of leadership by practicing behaviors that result in sustainable personal development and growth. Using unique biofeedback technologies, you receive objective data and personal reports on your physiology in a variety of situations, building the essential self-awareness foundation necessary for personal intentional change.

The hard science and data behind LIFE provide an empirical basis for the tools and techniques to assist you in developing your self- and social- awareness, as well as your ability to self- regulate stress and emotions, allowing you to stay cool under pressure and be more resilient to challenging emotional stimuli. These components are key brain-based pillars for character, and are the essence of leadership success. You will have access to a comprehensive online- dashboard where you can see your personal biometric data from the program and track your progress over the following months.

As a LIFE graduate, you leave the program with strongly anchored goals and the requisite behavior modification tools, allowing you to move beyond the personal barriers that have kept you from your potential, with a personal development action plan and, more importantly, the motivation and conviction to move forward and make it happen.

How LIFE Works

Participants are placed in an experiential environment, in a group of between 15 to 22 people, with all meals, sessions and exercises undertaken together. Under the direction of experienced trainers and facilitators, processes specifically designed to emulate social environments challenge the group continuously. You will come to realize that giving 100% of yourself toward group success is key to passing the task or exercise.

In LIFE, we use technology to help boost your performance and measure how deeply you are emotionally engaged and how your leadership performance affects others. Following the training, there is a LIFE debrief session via conference call, typically held on the following Tuesday the week after.

The follow-up individual coaching sessions are highly recommended to offer maximum support during the critical first weeks of implementing the LIFE goals and methods.

For more information on LIFE,  download the brochure here. 


Dr. Al H. Ringleb, CIMBA & Executive Oxygen Founder & President

Dr. Al H. Ringleb is founder and president of CIMBA and Executive Oxygen in Italy. He holds a PhD and a JD and has more than 15 years of experience in the application of neuroscience to leadership and personal development. He’s a leader in developing and utilizing personal measurement technology to make use of data and not just theoretical concepts in the area of neuroscience.

Katiuscia Baggio, Executive Education Director

Katiuscia Baggio is director of CIMBA executive education and leads the personal development coaching at Executive Oxygen. She holds an undergraduate degree in education sciences and adult learning from the University of Padua, as well as an MBA from CIMBA, University of Kansas. She has more than 15 years of experience leading LIFE programs and coaching executives at all levels and is an ICF PCC certified coach holding an executive coaching training certificate from the Results Coaching System in London.

Angelo Balest, LIFE Trainer & Coach

Angelo Balest is a senior LIFE trainer for Executive Oxygen. He holds an MBA from the University of Kansas (CIMBA), a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Padua, and is a recognized entrepreneur. His experience in building and managing companies and his growing awareness of the leadership gap motivated him to become an integral part of the Executive Oxygen team. He has more than 10 years of  experience leading LIFE programs.

Jessica Conser, LIFE Business Development/Professor - USA

Jessica Conser is a multifaceted collaborator, executive coach, and educator specializing in high performers, neuroleadership, and strategic collaboration. Her experience spans 20+ years across multiple industries including Media and Entertainment, Financial Services, Academia, and Consulting in roles ranging from leadership development, training design and facilitation to HR mergers and acquisition, project and change management. She is currently a LIFE Professor and has developed and taught graduate courses in Organizational Structure and Process, High Performance Leadership, Human Resources, and Project Management. Jessica is an alumni of CIMBA Italy, the LIFE program and Colorado State University, she holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Performance and Change and two Masters degrees.


LIFE Workshop and Executive Coaching $3,995
LIFE Workshop $2,995 

Workshop includes:

  • LIFE training
  • All Meals and snacks for the 3 days of the program
  • Training Materials
  • Self-assessments and other tests
  • Use of bio-feedback technology

Not Included:

Lodging: Due to the experiential nature of this workshop, participants are required to stay at the hotel two nights (Feb 16 and 17). A discounted rate of $119/night has been pre-arranged at the Newark Liberty International Marriott. Additional hotel details will be provided once your registration has been confirmed.

 Transportation: details on local transportation can be found here


LIFE participants are strongly encouraged to receive executive coaching sessions as a follow up to the workshop.  We have embedded 4 executive coaching  sessions into the price of this workshop. The coaching will assist with the implementation of the new material and behavioral habits acquired through the LIFE workshop and give the participants a more detailed explanation of their customized bio-data reports.

These sessions can also be purchased separately after the program at a market rate per session.

If you have any questions about the workshop or the registration process, please email coach@cimba.it or call Jessica Conser at (607) 237-5773.


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Please note: no person may participate in the LIFE program without having a fully completed Medical Disclosure, Disclaimer, and Release form turned in and on file at CIMBA corporate headquarters. If you have any questions about medical conditions or qualifying for participation in this LIFE Leadership Workshop, email coach@cimba.it or call (607) 237-5773.