Faculty Profiles

Paul Mason

Lecturer in Forensic Accounting

CIMBA has Touched More Than 10,000 Lives

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Thomas Buchman

Professor of Accounting

University of Colorado Professor: CIMBA’s Small Class Sizes Build Community

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Dominic Standish, Ph.D.

Adjunct Lecturer

Sharing his Passion for Cross-Cultural Communications

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Molly Rapert

Associate Professor of Marketing

Exploring Global Business and Marketing Strategies

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Dr. Michael Grieves

Chairman Emeritus & World-renowned Expert in PLM

Dr. Michael Grieves is the author of Product Lifecycle Management: Driving the Next Generation of Lean Thinking (McGraw-Hill, 2006) and Virtually Perfect: Driving Innovation and Lean through Product Lifecycle Management (in publication). He is a world-recognized expert in PLM and information systems and lectures worldwide on Product Lifecycle Management.

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