Current COVID-19 Information for Paderno del Grappa, Veneto (Italy)

Status of the CIMBA Program:

Spring 2022: Currently running. For current dates and information see

Summer 2022: Currently planning to run. Applications are currently closed. For dates and information see:

Fall 2022: Currently planning to run and accepting applications; for dates and information see:

Government Data Sources:

Green Pass and Super Green Pass:

CIMBA students must follow entry requirements and, once in Italy, adhere to the Super Green Pass. More information can be found here: 

CIMBA Campus

CIMBA is a residential, gated campus with full-time Italian staff on the ground, including a nurse. Students sleep, eat, socialize, and attend class on campus or in the immediate vicinity around town. Our embedded staff on campus, including our president and our executive director, receive and convey up-to-date information quickly for students and provide support for any situations that arise. High-level student support and safety has been the standard for many years at CIMBA and is especially true now.

Arrival, Preparation, and Communication

  • Pre-departure materials include COVID precautions and recommendations including purchasing trip insurance, safe travel tips, etc.
  • 24-7 emergency phone for any delays or issues that could emerge during travel. Phone numbers for staff in Italy and in the U.S. are provided to students. Staff on both sides are in communication during the travel period from the U.S.
  • Buses or taxis are provided to take students directly from the airport to campus to avoid exposure on public transit.
  • Required orientations during the first days of being in Italy include all CIMBA precautions and updates on regional and European regulations and statuses.
  • If required, we have the ability to provide rooms for students to isolate.
  • During the program, students will receive updates and recommendations about health, safety, and travel via both email and a required GroupMe group.
  • Support staff on the ground are available 24-7 to address student concerns. They are in constant communication with local government and health agencies to ensure up-to-date information.

Safety Measures:

  • Social Distancing
    • Single rooms for Spring 2022. Summer shared rooms have a maximum of 2 residents.
    • Ensuite bathrooms in dorm rooms and single user bathrooms in shared hallways to limit high traffic areas
    • Spacing in classrooms, cafeteria, recreation center, etc.
  • Spread Prevention
    • Masks required in shared spaces, indoor and outdoor, and in classrooms on campus (students will be provided some masks and asked to bring a personal supply as well)
    • Hand sanitizers in all classrooms and public spaces
    • Temperature checks- at minimum, every morning and more, if needed
  • Isolation (if positive or potential exposure)
    • Student will be able to quarantine on campus
    • Infirmary and nurse available
    • Two COVID-19 hospitals near campus- Castelfranco and Montebelluna with 450- 500 ICU capacity
  • Testing
    • Asymptomatic testing in clinic near campus for 28 Euro 
    • Symptomatic testing at same clinic for free


  • Group work – Students will be required to wear masks for any group work or activities. We have ample classrooms and meeting rooms to allow for distancing. Students will also be encouraged to meet via Zoom.
  • Isolation – If a student needs to isolate due to potential exposure, classrooms are set up to allow for online streaming via Zoom so students are kept up-to-date on their coursework. Small class sizes and English-speaking (most from the U.S.) professors mean plenty of individualized attention.
  • Continuance – While unexpected, if students are evacuated as they were in Spring 2020, courses would continue online throughout the remainder of the semester. Students would be able to earn their course credits.
  • If CIMBA is required to send students home from Italy, students will be refunded a prorated amount of the room and board fee. Tuition will not be refunded as all classes will be completed online.


  • Travel – We will closely monitor the changing situations for travel across Italy and abroad in Europe and make recommendations to students accordingly. For travel abroad, CIMBA will require testing upon return to ensure safety to all students.
  • Other activities – If travel is not recommended abroad, CIMBA will provide additional opportunities according to the safety recommendations at the time. This are optional trips and are not included in the program fee. Examples include:
    • Weekend trips: Udine, Bolzano, Trieste, San Marino, Trento, Grosseto, Sienna
    • Day trips: Verona, Padova, Venice, Bassano del Grappa
    • Excursions: Asolo, Possagno. Marostica, Villa Barbaro, Monte Grappa
    • If no travel within Italy is not advised, we can provide cultural activities like pizza and pasta making, hiking nearby area, conversation circles, etc.