Week One at CIMBA!

Written by Hayley January 31, 2019

Week one in Italy- Check! If I could describe this first week in one word, it would be BUSY. I unpacked on Monday, attended classes and orientation on Tuesday and Wednesday, attended the LIFE leadership program Thursday through Saturday, AND traveled on Sunday! Phew, that was a long list. Nonetheless, I have appreciated and enjoyed every minute of my abroad experience. I’ll break down my week to give an idea of what’s happening here in Paderno del Grappa.

Tuesday and Wednesday, I attended my classes. My dorm room is on the fourth floor, so I had a quick commute to the third floor to arrive at my classrooms. The professors are truly remarkable in their personal lives, travel experiences and professional accomplishments. They presented the syllabi and set expectations for the semester. After class each day, some of my fellow classmates and I visited the local pizzería and café where we indulged in delicious pizza and classic cappuccinos.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, I attended the LIFE leadership program. This was the most challenging yet rewarding leadership program I have ever participated in. The combination of jet lag and LIFE left me exhausted, but after the LIFE graduation, I had the opportunity to treat myself to a three-hour nap. All I have to say is it was rejuvenating.

Sunday I was well rested and prepared to explore Bassano del Grappa, a larger town about twenty minutes away from the CIMBA campus. CIMBA was so kind as to schedule a bus to drop off the CIMBA students at 9am and pick us up at 8pm. My group of six utilized all eleven hours, where we did some site-seeing, coffee drinking, and restaurant eating. It was a long day, but it was full of fun times, great views, and good company!

That’s just a glance of my first week here at CIMBA. I will detail my meals, dorm life, classes, and travel plans in my coming blogs!