Week in PDG!

Written by apantuosco March 14, 2019

Sixth Week: March 1, 2019

Hello everyone! Instead of traveling this weekend, I stayed in Paderno. So, for this week’s blog, I’m going to focus completely on what life is like here in Paderno.


Here in Paderno, students take four to five classes. I am currently taking four. The first class begins at 8:45 am and the last class ends at 5:30 pm. For me, my classes end at 12:40 pm every day.

Here are some photos of a typical classroom:


Every day, we have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast consists of cereal, yogurt, pastries, hard boiled eggs, sliced meat, and fruit. For lunch and dinner, we always have pasta, vegetables, and a protein.

Here is a picture of part of the cafeteria:

Here is an example of the menu for the week:


Thankfully, Italians always make sure coffee is available anywhere and everywhere you go. There are coffee machines in the cafeteria that are free and available at breakfast time. Besides that, there are two coffee vending machines on campus with drinks that are no more than 55 cents.

Here is a photo of the vending machine I visit at least twice a day:


Paderno is tiny, but there are a few spots close by.

PIZZERIA: The pizzeria is about a five minute walk from campus. It has super late hours and cheap pizza!

SPORTS BAR: A two minute walk from the main building. They sell coffee and alcohol here-everyone loves the sports bar!

BAKERY: The bakery is about five minutes away as well. It’s super cute and has a wide variety of pastries and coffee.

TABACCHI: Awesome, cheap sandwiches and lots of necessities/basics! I buy my bananas and soap here-basically anything you need when you’re on the go.


This weekend, I hiked Monte Grappa! It was so beautiful and such a rewarding experience. If you studied in Paderno and didn’t hike Monte Grappa, then you didn’t study in Paderno…

MAKE THE TRIP. You won’t regret it!