Week 3- Hitting the Books!

Written by Hayley February 11, 2019

Hello from Paderno! Finally, for this third week here, my fellow CIMBA peers and I will be experiencing our first normal class schedule since everyone has completed the LIFE program, KT training, and the DaVinci Challenge. This past weekend was not considered a “travel weekend,” but many of us traveled to nearby Italian cities because we all want to make the most of our travel time here in Italy, and we wanted to celebrate finishing the leadership activities. I did have an exciting, busy, and tiring weekend. However, this week will be dedicated to academics and getting back into student mode…Until this weekend when I’ll be heading to Barcelona!

I had the opportunity to go to see the beautiful city of Venice on Friday and Saturday, then Asolo on Sunday afternoon. When I returned home on Sunday around 2pm, I napped for a good two and half hours, then it was time to prepare for this first full week of classes, of course after uploading and posting all of my travel photos to social media.

For academics, I have class every day of the week, but luckily my classes are spread out where I have breaks to rest, organize, and study. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have Entrepreneurial Strategy, Operations Management, and Italy Live. These days I finish class at 5:30pm. On Tuesday and Thursday, I have Introduction to Marketing Strategy and LEAP, and I finish classes before lunch at 12:40pm. Having the entire afternoon to study on Tuesday and Thursday will be beneficial as I have quizzes in my classes on Wednesday and Friday.

When I signed up for classes, I was hesitant to enroll in 15 semester hours. However, I feel confident I will be able to handle the course load because of CIMBA’s optimal academic environment as well as the organized course schedule. The classes are roughly 2 hours long with an average of 25 students in each class. This timeframe allows professors to thoroughly explain topics and assignments. Many of the professors have already learned my name, so I am comfortable asking questions and reaching out for help. Therefore, in addition to being excited about my upcoming travel plans, I also am looking forward to having a great academic semester here in Italy!

Here are some ways I return to an academic mind set after an exciting travel weekend:

  1. Take a nap– I recharge for about 2-3 hours so I can have optimal brain function and productivity for the rest of the day or evening.
  2. Unpack– I settle back in since I’ll be staying here for the week and repacking for the coming weekend.
  3. Review travel images and post accordingly– I update friends and family about my most recent trip.
  4. Eat– I make sure to eat a well-balanced meal since my eating schedule gets offset or I do not get a lot of nutrition when I am traveling. Eating a good dinner also gives me energy to stay productive the rest of the evening.
  5. Write a schedule for the next day or the week in a planner– I organize my week to stay focused and on task.
  6. Shower– I wash off the day and prepare for a fresh start in the morning.
  7. Go to bed early– Traveling is exhausting and I want to stay healthy and feel refreshed to be mindfully present in class!
  8. ALWAYS HYDRATE– I have a water bottle on me at all times. Water washes out the toxins and decreases likelihood for headaches. I’m also a huge coffee drinker so I make sure to drink at least two cups each day as well.