Traveling Tips!

Written by jdinino October 30, 2017

Spirits are high at CIMBA with travel week approaching. Everyone is studying for their last few exams before the break, starting to pack, and planning exactly what they want to see for the 10 days off. Overall, planning weekly trips is super exciting but also a bit stressful. Here is a list of some helpful tips for taking traveling head-on! 

  • Google is your best friend. Make a list of everything you want to do/see in a city. Take care of anything that needs to be planned in advance, for example, walking tours and entrance to cathedrals. It can also be helpful to reach out to professors for advice on what to visit! Many of them have had their fair share of traveling; they love sharing their stories and giving first-hand insight on what to experience.
  • Remember to pack light! It started to dawn on some people this week that they have to pack 10 day’s worth of clothes into a backpack small enough to fit on a RyanAir flight. However, others took advantage of RyanAir’s extra carry-on or checked-bag tricks:
  1. If you pay the fee to bring a checked bag, you can split it three or four ways among your friends. This way, you only end up paying 5-7 euro to fit all of your essentials in the carry-on and the additional checked bag.
  2. You can take on an extra carry-on bag if you pay the 5 euro fee to pick your own seat. I thought I was smart to choose this option for my travel week, however, I only realized yesterday I don’t have a second bag that is carry-on sized. There is no doubt this is a solid option, just extremely poor execution on my part.
  • Keep in touch with your family back home! Its easy to forget to reach out when getting caught up in all of these new experiences. Not only would they love to hear from you, but it can be comforting to hear about home when you had a long day abroad.

Overall, take advantage of all the benefits of being so centrally located in Europe. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience; there is no reason why you should hold back from exploring all it has to offer!




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