That’s a Wrap!

Written by Hayley April 30, 2019

Well, that’s a wrap! Studying abroad with CIMBA was an incredible and unique experience. I saw so much more of Europe than I ever could have imagined. The 3-month timeline was perfect for me. I loved Italy and plan to return in my lifetime, but I was ready to come home to see my family and friends and go back to a regular schedule.


Between the program activities on campus and travels on the weekend, so many memories and friendships were made. My favorite program activities were the 3 gourmet dinners. The Italian cuisine was phenomenal.

My weekend and spring break travels allowed me to visit 9 countries and 21 cities throughout Europe. I can honestly say I had a great time in every place I visited. If I needed to pick my favorites, I would say Prague and Cinque Terre. These cities were so unique, beautiful, historic, and fun that they really left an impression on me.


As for classes, this program definitely emphasized the “study” aspect of studying abroad. The consistent homework, projects, quizzes, and tests kept me on my toes. Although some days were long, I truly felt like I learned a lot and had a meaningful semester of classes.

Last Days

I had one week to travel after the program ended. I concluded my European adventure by traveling to Rome and Positano. I had a busy 2 days in Rome because it’s huge with many must-see landmarks. Then, I headed to Positano for 2 more days where I spent my time lounging on the beach and eating Caprese on open patio restaurants. Both cities were 60-70 degrees and sunny when I was there- so beautiful! I couldn’t imagine spending my final days in Italy any other way.

Returning home

It feels great to be back home. Seeing my family and sharing my adventures is very enjoyable. While I loved all the European food, and I will most certainly miss chocolate gelato and carbonara pasta, my first meal back in the states was Chipotle and my second meal was Culvers! Europe just couldn’t quite prepare a hearty burger and fries or Tex-Mex dish!

I already have plans to see some of my CIMBA friends next week. Jet lag is definitely hitting me hard, but at least I am done with classes and my internship does not start until May, so I have plenty of time to adjust and rest.

Final Thoughts

Studying abroad was a great decision. I always planned on doing it, but I must admit, I was a little nervous a couple days before flying to Italy. However, I can say the experience is totally worth it. Studying and traveling doesn’t seem like a realistic combination, but it’s truly manageable! Going outside of my comfort zone allowed me to make so many new friendships and I learned so much about myself along the way!