Pure Bliss

Written by Sydney June 13, 2019

London was INCREDIBLE. Like ‘I-want-to-live-here-when-do-I-get-to-come-back?’ type of incredible. It had a big city feel but still included areas of luscious green parks where you could slow down to take a nice walk. There was a variety of food places to represent the blending of cultures in a small area. Each neighborhood had its own distinct vibe and attraction. It was a busy city but it didn’t feel touristy. Everything about it was perfect.

I have always wanted to visit London, and knew that I had to take full advantage of the opportunity since I was already in Europe and I had two other friends who were wanting to go as well! We took a short plane ride from Venice to get there and back. I wish that I had more than 3 days to spend in this wonderful city, but a short weekend was fulfilling nonetheless. Here are some highlights from the trip:

  • eating the classic British meal “fish and chips”
  • seeing the entire Royal family on the celebration of the Queen’s official birthday at Buckingham Palace
  • attending the musical ‘Wicked’ at Apollo Victoria Theater
  • having breakfast at the top floor of a 40-story building in the heart of the city
  • enjoying afternoon tea
  • taking the tube (their version of an underground subway) and being able to get the hang of it after the first try…it’s the little things sometimes 🙂
  • noticing the red phone booths all around the city — a London icon!
  • getting a chance to speak to the locals and listening to their suggestions on what to do and see
  • visiting the 9 3/4 platform at King’s Cross that’s featured in the Harry Potter movies…as an avid Harry Potter fan, this was a literal dream come true for me

These are just a few of the amazing things that created the most memorable weekend. I’m sad that travel weekends are over now, but so thankful that I got to have my last one in the best city.