Local Appreciation – Bassano, Monte Grappa, and Crespano

Written by jdinino October 23, 2017

Although Paderno has a population of 2000 people, that doesn’t stop it from providing a weekend full of exciting adventures. Between the night life of Bassano, the breathtaking views from the summit of Monte Grappa, and the bustling Sunday Market in Crespano, there was never a dull moment.

We began our weekend by checking out the nightlife of Bassano. After a long night of dancing to Spanish music and mingling with locals, we were ready to take on Monte Grappa at 9:00 the next morning. My friends and I were so grateful that one of our professors, Simone Bigolin, led us up the mountain. The four-hour trek seemed nearly impossible; and I was just about ready to turn around. However, Simone assured us that it would be worth it to continue. We eventually made it up the mountain after frequent breaks and lots of complaining. The view from the top was so beautiful it made my jaw drop. I couldn’t get enough of the rolling hills, steep cliffs, and the people paragliding in the distance.


Here is a picture that I took only halfway up the mountain; the views never failed to disappoint.

We sat down for a big lunch at the only restaurant at the summit, Rifugio Bassano Ristorante. There, we inhaled heaping plates of spaghetti, lasagna, and baked chicken. After the much-needed recovery time, we finally had the energy to explore the summit a bit more. The large structure at the top represents a World War I memorial and cemetery, where soldiers defending the Italian border were laid to rest. The striking mountains around us were the perfect backdrop for this holy structure.


We were thoroughly exhausted after exploring and everyone was ready to get home to relax for the night. We flew down the mountain and made it back in the van after a record time of an hour and 45 minutes. I was showered and asleep by 9:00 that night, and woke up just in time for the Sunday market in Crespano the next day.

The market had a variety of products like women’s clothing, school supplies, and even fresh fish. In addition, it was helpful to practice my Italian with the locals at the stands. Although this was supposed to be a relaxing weekend, I’m grateful that my friends me to explore the local area more. Now, I’m looking forward to my next trip, Milan!