Giving Thanks Abroad

Written by jdinino November 29, 2017

Spirits were high in Istituto Filippin as the highly anticipated Thanksgiving feast was approaching. Everyone anxiously waited in line, ready to have a little taste of home. To keep us occupied, the CLC’s provided boards to write what we were thankful for. Some highlights on the boards were “Family,” “Dr. Al,” and even “U.S. GAAP.”

Caroline Tucker and Sabrina Castillo posing with the I am Thankful boards.
Once we were finally let into the dining room at 7:30 sharp, our eyes were immediately drawn to the two massive turkeys at the front of the room. The kitchen staff included all of our favorite dishes: mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and even pumpkin pie. They wanted to give us a true Thanksgiving experience since, for most of us, this was our first time being away from home for a holiday. 
At last, Undergrad students, MBAs, professors, and office staff all sat down at the long tables and enjoyed the meal as one big CIMBA family. Caroline Tucker and Sabrina Castillo led a Thanksgiving grace to express gratitude for our friends, family, CIMBA staff and Filippin kitchen staff. Once we were finally able to eat, the meal exceeded everyone’s expectations. We walked away from the tables with full stomachs and an even greater appreciation for all that the CIMBA and Filippin staff does for us.