An Italian Trip to Asolo

Written by Abby November 8, 2018


Last week we went on a field trip in my Italian class. A short bus ride away is the quaint and affluent village of Asolo. Since Italian is our first class of the day, we were not excited that we had to wake up extra early to start our day.  We wanted to make sure that we had enough time in Asolo to accomplish everything our instructor wanted to. However, once we arrived, we realized that getting up early was well worth it! Our instructor led us through the town and talked about the rich history of Asolo and the historical importance of all the sites we got to see. She also told us that Asolo is voted regularly as one of the places that everyone should see before they die. How cool that our campus is so close!

Our instructor brought us around the city and talked about Caterina Cornaro, the former Queen of Cyprus. She had possession of Asolo throughout her life in the late 1400’s. Although she eventually lost her power when the League of Cambrai conquered the area in the early 1500’s, she has fountains and buildings in her name that we were able to visit. 

Eventually we made our way to a lookout point where we got to see the beautiful views and scenery from the top of the town. The mountainous terrain of Asolo makes it a unique village with the constant change in elevations, but one of the coolest areas in the Veneto Region.

After we completed our grand tour of the town, we stopped in a café where we got the opportunity to practice our Italian and order some espresso! It was great being able to interact with the locals with the little Italian that we have learned so far in class. It was the perfect way to end our fun morning excursion.

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