Here’s the 4-1-1.

Written by Abbey November 8, 2019

Prior to being here, I had so many questions about what CIMBA was like, specifically what past students thought about the campus and travel opportunities. Here are some major points to consider before deciding on a study abroad program. #CIMBA


  • What are the rooms like? The rooms are small and cozy with everything you need – single bed, desk, bathroom, etc. Linens and blankets are provided for you and replenished every Tuesday and Friday when the cleaning staff comes to clean your room.
  • Where can I purchase snacks? There is a tabacchi on campus which is basically like a mini-CVS. Along with snacks, the owner, Diego, makes delicious sandwiches for very cheap! Although their sandwiches are their biggest hit, they also have school supplies, cooking supplies, and personal care items. 
  • How often can I do laundry? There are 18 laundry tokens that are distributed throughout the semester. You receive 9 for the washer and 9 for the dryer. However, most students choose not to dry their clothes in the dryers so that they can save up more tokens. Essentially, you have the ability to wash your clothes more than once a week during the 12-week semester. If you do run out of tokens, you are able to ask other students if they would be willing to spare you a token or two.
  • Will I have my own room? This will depend on the semester you decide to go to CIMBA, and if you request to have your own room with an additional fee. This semester, we were all able to have our own rooms due to the number of students. During the summer, single rooms will be in greater demand so doubling up will definitely occur!
  • How far are classes from the dorms? Essentially, you could attend CIMBA and never leave PIO. PIO is the building in which you live, eat, and attend classes. Beginning from the ground floor up, the cafeteria, classrooms, office, and dormitories are a floor apart. This makes it super convenient for those who enjoy sleeping until the last moment before class.
  • Is there a workout facility? Yes, and it is AMAZING. This workout facility has brand new, modern floors and machines within. There are five treadmills and about ten exercise bikes in the center of the gym with two squat racks, back machines, and free weights. In the beginning of the semester, you will need to pay five euros as a deposit for a key fob so that you can enter the gym as you please. Not only is there a weight room, but there is also a four-lane lap pool. There is definitely something for everyone!


  • How will I get to the airport/train/bus on travel days? During the travel weekends and travel week, there will be a shuttle system set up by CIMBA that will bring all students to an agreed upon destination. This semester, 50% of the students were traveling via train from Treviso and 50% were taking a plane from Venice Marco Polo Airport. Having this shuttle system in place allowed students to get to their flights and trains in a timely manner. As far as other traveling options go, there are taxi companies that work closely with the school. The drivers will pick you up and take you where you need to go at a reduced price. (You must call the specified drivers who CIMBA recommends!)
  • Will I find people to travel with? Absolutely. Although I was originally unsure about who I would travel with, these connections come easily. When you meet your classmates, there will be bonding opportunities and travel scheduling meetings that naturally take place. This allows you to lay out your dream destinations and discuss the options with others who might want to join you.
  • Is it safe to travel alone? This is a matter of opinion. However, being a 20-year-old female studying in Italy for the past month, I feel safer now than ever before. There are many solo travelers within Europe from around the world. If you would like to meet others while traveling alone, staying in a hostel will help to facilitate friendships. As a measure of safety, we have to fill out a travel log on the Tuesday before every weekend to let the CIMBA staff know where we are traveling and who we are traveling with so that they can keep an eye out for us.
  • How do I fit everything into one carry-on? Great folding. Just kidding! You will be able to fit what you need for a weekend very easily into a backpack or duffle bag. I would suggest packing versatile clothing that you can mix and match.

And that was my 4-1-1!


Ciao for now,