Company Tours, and Baby Clothes, and Warehouses, oh my!

Written by Abby November 15, 2018

This week CIMBA planned a company tour for us. They divided us up by major and sent us on our way to see what an Italian run company looks like. I had the opportunity to tour “Il Gufo”, a high end manufacturer of baby clothes. They walked us through their daily operations, design schedule, and the growth they have had in the last decade. We had the opportunity to watch clips of their fashion shows, have a closer look at the locations they have across the world, and ask questions about their company. It was interesting to see how Italian companies and American companies differ and how they are the same.

After, they took us on a tour of their office. We saw their office space, design area, where they make prototypes and their warehouse! As a Supply Chain Management major, I geeked out at seeing the whole process from product design all the way to shipping out their products for sale.

IMG_E2442 IMG_E2443

Il Gufo is a well-run family owned company that started because a mother wanted her children to have high quality clothes. Looking at how far they have come, while still staying true to their original mission statement was awesome to see.

CIMBA has focused in on the international business part of studying abroad. I have absolutely gained cultural awareness in the business world thanks to opportunities like these!

Ciao for now!