Change of Pace!

Written by apantuosco February 27, 2019

Fourth Week: February 15, 2019


This past weekend, I went to Barcelona. Barcelona was an awesome experience. There is so much activity, so much to do. I recommend going to the beach, the Gothic Quarter, and Park Güell.


I can’t believe it is already my fourth week at CIMBA-only a couple months left in this beautiful place.

Overall, this week has been pretty busy. We had our first gourmet dinner on Monday, which was amazing. The dinners are not mandatory, but everyone in the CIMBA program should definitely go. Free, large amounts of gourmet Italian food-why would anyone say no to that?

Besides that, everything has been normal. We have our first extended travel weekend coming up, so that is exciting. Having extended weekends is one of the many appealing attributes of this program-most students travel every weekend!


Here are a few tips to keep in mind when traveling!

  1. Stressful situations will occur. Don’t overreact-solve the problem! EXAMPLE: Last Friday, my friends and I arrived in Barcelona at about 12:30 am. We had an Airbnb booked, but when we called the owner of the Airbnb, they didn’t answer. At that point, there were eight of us in the Barcelona airport with no place to stay. It’s easy to freak out during times like those, but stuff happens. We ended up finding a hostel, so there’s a happy ending!
  2. Be smart about your belongings. Keep your bags close, and remember how to spot scams! EXAMPLE: Before our first travel weekend, we had to attend a travel session where we were taught about various scams that people throughout Europe will try to pull on tourists. For example, someone will come up to you and give you a rose, ask you to pay for it, and not accept the rose when you try to give it back. I’ve had roses offered to me in multiple places, but I’ve just walked away rose-less. Remember these tips, and keep your personal items close!
  3. Create a budget, and save money on the little things when you can! EXAMPLE: I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about money over the past few weeks, so I think it’s important to encourage budgeting before traveling through Europe. Save money before, and try to continue saving money while traveling by doing little things. For example, eat at the cheaper restaurant or take a train instead of a plane. Save money when you can!

Buona giornata! Until next week-