Balancing Books and Wellness: My Health Journey at CIMBA Italy

Written by charliedezube May 29, 2024

Before coming to CIMBA, I was eager to find out how I could maintain my fitness and health while studying abroad in Paderno del Grappa. Like many students experiencing Europe for the first time, I was determined to stay active and healthy. In just under a week here at CIMBA, I’ve discovered that I feel healthier than I ever did at home or university. Let’s explore the different aspects of health and wellness here through two key categories: the gym and the café.
The Gym: Staying Fit in Paderno del Grappa
Before coming to CIMBA, my biggest worry was the potential lack of gym equipment. As an avid lifter who aims to work out 4-7 times a week, I wanted to ensure I could maintain my fitness routine. Fortunately, CIMBA’s newly renovated gym exceeded my expectations.
The gym is well-equipped, featuring a free weight squat rack, multiple benches, various upper and lower body machines, and a couple of treadmills. There are also cable machines and specialized back and chest machines. This setup perfectly accommodates my workout split, which includes back and biceps, chest, triceps and shoulders, and legs.
In addition to the familiar equipment, I discovered new machines that enhanced my workouts. For instance, the Pec Dec Machine here is different from what I’m used to. Instead of extending your arms fully and bringing them together, this machine uses your elbows to bring them together. This variation made my chest burn more intensely than the typical machine I used back home.
Overall, the gym not only met but exceeded my expectations. As a bonus, it features a full swimming pool with four lanes, which is usually not crowded. The only requirements to use the pool are a swimsuit and a swimcap, which can be purchased at the local mall.
My workout plan here involves going to the gym from Monday through Thursday, allowing me to travel on weekends and repeat this schedule throughout my four-week stay.
The Café: Enjoying an Espresso Break
After the gym, I usually head over to the café to read and relax. Personally, I find that I focus best when I’m outside. Currently, I’m reading Business Adventures to learn about historical events in the world of finance. Before settling down with my book, I step inside to get myself an espresso (or “caffè” in Italian). Below is where I began reading and enjoying my espresso.
One thing I didn’t know before coming to CIMBA is that Italy is renowned for its espresso. Accustomed to the large drinks from Starbucks, this initially threw me off. However, I’ve grown to love espresso, and it’s actually healthier than the typical coffee shop drinks in the United States. Espresso packs a punch with its caffeine content, giving you a solid start to your day. Plus, it offers health benefits like antioxidants, improved mental alertness, and potential digestive advantages.
The café is open most of the day and night, making it convenient to stop by for a quick coffee. The best part for me is that an espresso is only €1.20! You can expect to find me here almost every day.
FYI, this café turns into a bar at night, becoming a popular spot for CIMBA students.
In short, there’s plenty to do in Paderno del Grappa, whether it’s regular exercise at the gym or enjoying the local café. If you’re an avid walker, there are countless beautiful walks and sights to explore. Overall, Paderno del Grappa is an excellent place for both physical and mental well-being.