Alum Spotlight: Remy Lewbel

Written by CIMBA Italy September 30, 2020

Please introduce yourself!

Hi, I am Remy. I attended CIMBA in June of 2019. I was a student from Western Michigan University and majored in Business Administration with a focus on Sales and Marketing.

What are you currently up to?

I am the owner of TREND45, a company that excels in networking, traveling, and content creation. It is specifically designed to bring brands and artists together to provide online retail to consumers, followers, and subscribers. I had been working on TREND45 locally since 2017. I was initially expanding the business by traveling from city to city within my home state Michigan. From there, I incorporated national events to gain access to an international playing field. A week before the CIMBA program started, I was actually hosting my second international event in Mykonos, Greece, so it was exciting to be flying into Italy while already being in Europe for work. 

How did study abroad, or the CIMBA program in particular, contribute to where you are today?

Having the opportunity to see the world personally while bringing others to experience it is crazy. Understanding the various cultures and the beauty this world truly has to offer is something more than special. Travel brings the opportunity to connect with peers you might never have had the chance to meet. It brings people together in a way that creates genuine connection and unparalleled memories. That’s what CIMBA excels in. A month goes by fast, but the relationships you create there can last so much longer. I look back and think of my experiences in Italy. Not just at CIMBA but the total experience. From arriving at the airport to meeting teachers that truly want you to succeed, from eating pizza to meeting locals, you’re always in a new setting with all new people. Every moment becomes a building block for any person to learn and grow as a human being. I look back and see how CIMBA has helped me grow. CIMBA gives you the freedom to find your own path. 

What was your favorite part of the program?

I spent more time with locals after class and traveled all around the nearby cities. We would play basketball and chill. Meeting local Italians immersed in the culture far surpasses mainstream tourist accommodations. The language barriers may be tough, but not too difficult to overcome, especially with the help of Google Translate. The coolest thing CIMBA did was that they accommodated me for my dyslexia. Not only did I gain experience and memories to last a lifetime, but the support I received at CIMBA personalized my experience and empowered me to succeed. The teachers at CIMBA really go out and care about your goals. That support pushed me to keep working hard, and I continue to carry that work ethic into my work today. The experience overall was truly life changing, and it is more than worth it.

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