Add a Seat!

Written by Abbey November 1, 2019

This has been my favorite CIMBA activity thus far.

Since we share the campus with a local boarding school, we are able to meet students and learn some Italian. One of the events that brings us closer is Add a Seat. This event involves one of those Italian students and their family signing up to host a CIMBA student (or two) in their home for dinner one night. This is always a fun time as CIMBA students get to dress up and use some of the Italian they’ve learned in class or during their travels. The Italian students and families love to host students because they get to test how their delicious homemade dishes taste on American taste buds. 

My experience was slightly different because I was hosted by 2 Italian students and their mothers, which meant I was accompanied by a fellow CIMBA student. When we arrived, they had homemade spinach rolls, pork, pasta, and tiramisu. YUM! We ended the night with our stomachs hurting because we were laughing so hard from funny Snapchat filters. (Don’t worry, I’ve attached the picture above.) 

The best part of the experience has been the fact that our families knew little to no English, which forced us to strengthen our Italian and ask questions. Because Italian students learn so much English here in Italy, we were able to carry on conversations with the girls and have made plans to meet up with them again soon! 

Although it was nerve-wracking not knowing whether or not they would speak English, they made us feel very comfortable which turned into a great learning environment. If you have the opportunity to do this, DO IT!

Take a chance and get out of your comfort zone. You will thank yourself later!


Ciao for now,