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  • Emily
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • 2016 Spring

Top 6 Must-Try Foods during Your Trip to Italy 03/09/16

I had the amazing opportunity of spending this last week on a lil’ Tour De Italy, with an added bonus of having my mom by my side (S/O mom for the unforgettable trip!). We bounced from Venice to Cinque Terre to Siena to Florence. Along the way we had our fair share of museums, churches, […]

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  • Jessica
  • West Virginia University
  • 2013 Fall

San Gimignano: Authentic Italy 11/18/13

On a normal weekend here I was able to escape reality and enter Italy. This was the Italy that you see in movies, as cliche as that sounds. It was the Italy where no modern concepts on life have interfered, it was simple and it was beautiful. I found this Italian oasis in San Gimignano, […]

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  • Cassie
  • University of Kansas
  • 2013 Fall

All Around Tuscany 11/12/13

What an amazing weekend these past few days were! Seven of us ventured to the wonderful city of Florence and saw some more of what Italy has to offer. Friday afternoon  we went into the center of Florence which had an incredible leather market. If you did not already know, Florence is the leather capital […]

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  • Ellen
  • University of Minnesota
  • 2013 Spring

How I Spent My Spring Break 03/20/13

This past week I experienced three travel breaks in one. I started my week with a night in Rome. After a short flight, we arrived in one of the world’s most historic, and in my opinion most beautiful cities. Rome began with a trip to the Scholar’s Club down the street, and we immersed ourselves […]

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