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  • Hannah
  • University of Iowa
  • Fall 2019

Ciao, sono Hannah. 12/11/19

Hello everyone, it’s Hannah and I am back with another blog to talk to you guys about CIMBA classes. Coming over the campus, I was not entirely sure how classes were going to go. With the semester only being 12 weeks long, it thought it would be crazy to fit 16 weeks of material in […]

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  • Drew
  • The University of Iowa
  • 2015 Fall

Pros and Cons of Traveling with a Small Group 09/29/15

At this point, I’m completely settled into my dorm in Paderno del Grappa, Italy, I’ve met some amazing people, and I’m having a phenomenal time. However, I still have not unpacked my suitcase yet. Please don’t tell my mom. In my short time at the program, I completed several orientation programs as well as taking […]

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  • Natalie
  • Texas Tech University
  • 2014 Fall

Home is where the heart is. 12/31/14

As myself and a few other CIMBians made our last trip of the semester to the Venice Marco Polo Airport together, it felt like any other weekend adventure. I didn’t truly grasp that I wouldn’t be arriving back on campus in Paderno del Grappa anytime soon until I was going through customs back in the […]

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