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  • Mikaela
  • University of Minnesota
  • 2016 Spring

What I Gained From Studying Abroad with CIMBA 04/19/16

Like most people, I was hesitant when choosing which CIMBA classes to sign up for. Specifically, I was unsure about the course LEAP, which is a leadership development course. I was teetering between adding LEAP or giving myself more time to travel and hang out. Fortunately, I made the final decision to sign up for LEAP […]

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  • Elizabeth
  • University of Iowa
  • 2015 Summer

A Surreal Experience 06/08/15

Guten tag! Green grass billows slightly in the wind. Evergreen trees stand tall covering hills and mountains. Peaks of mountains gleam white from above. Blue skies in every direction with a few stretched out cotton balls as clouds. Colorful houses sprinkle the ground. Mother Earth appears so natural, raw, and beautiful. It’s relatively untouched with […]

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  • John
  • University of Delaware
  • 2014 Spring

A Life Changing Week 01/29/14

Its funny.  They say that the second rep of an athlete’s exercise set is his strongest rep.  Well, I feel my second week of CIMBA has been and will be the strongest week in terms of my personal growth via study abroad.  This week I successfully completed LIFE and overcame the challenge of planning my […]

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