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  • John
  • University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
  • Spring 2018

CIMBA Campus Life 03/23/18

We have reached our halfway point here at CIMBA. With that being said, everyone has gotten a lot more settled in and accustomed to the lifestyle the campus has to offer. The first couple weeks were more geared to getting to know each other, followed by a heavy combination and focus on travel and academics. Hidden […]

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  • Carley
  • University of Missouri
  • 2017 Spring

Mingling With the Locals: Add a Seat 03/07/17

While traveling to different countries is definitely one of the highlights of studying abroad, after 7 weeks here I’ve also come to greatly appreciate getting to know the culture and people of Italy. Through the Add a Seat experience, I’ve humbly come to the conclusion that the people here are just as excited to express […]

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  • Sydney
  • The University of Iowa
  • 2017 Spring

When in Paderno, Do as the Italians Do: The Top 5 Places in Town to Interact with Locals 02/10/17

After four weeks on campus and experiencing more culture shock than I’d like to admit, I’m starting to get the hang of the Paderno del Grappa lifestyle here at CIMBA. While I’m sure I still stick out like a sore thumb when I venture beyond the CIMBA bubble, through insight, observation, and self-awareness, I’ve begun […]

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  • Danielle
  • Iowa State University
  • 2014 Spring

Saturday Hike on Mount Grappa 03/11/14

As the weekend approached, I became more and more thankful that I wasn’t obligated to pack a weekend’s worth of clothes and toiletries into my Osprey 46 backpack. This past weekend, my friends and I decided to stay back from all of the chaos of traveling and enjoy a short, quiet weekend in Paderno. We […]

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