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Explorer to Executive: Why Studying Abroad Will Set You Apart After College 03/13/17

Before embarking on my journey with CIMBA this semester, I was told that one of the “selling points” of studying abroad is that employers will specifically look for it on resumes as something that can set you apart from other applicants. Did I buy it at this time? Not necessarily. In fact, I didn’t believe […]

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Quiz: Is CIMBA the Right Fit for You? 12/14/15

After twelve weeks of blogging, I’m running a little bit short on ideas for topics. So, to mix it up a little bit, I’ve created a Buzzfeed-esque quiz. Give it a whirl… see if CIMBA is the right fit for you!  1. What’s your top city to see in Europe?  London Venice Prague 2. How many […]

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CIMBA (in English, pronounced chim – buh) offers dynamic, personal, and affordable study abroad, MBA, and executive programs in Paderno del Grappa at the base of the Italian Alps in Northern Italy—just an hour north of Venice.

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