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  • Hannah
  • University of Iowa
  • Fall 2019

There comes a time… 11/01/19

Hello everyone, it’s Hannah and I am back with another blog to talk to you guys about homesickness. Homesickness is something that, until traveling abroad, I had not ever felt. When I moved to Iowa City for college, I was so ready for the next step in my life. I grew up wanting to go […]

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  • Mallory
  • Furman University
  • 2016 Fall

Finding Your Home Away From Home (or How I Managed to Fall in Love with an Entire Village) 11/04/16

Its crazy to think that its already the halfway point in my time in Italy. Over the past six weeks I have really come to love the town of Paderno del Grappa (or PDG as we like to call it). I’m not going to lie, when we first arrived I was in a little bit […]

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  • Alicia
  • Western Michigan University
  • 2016 Spring

Common Sights Of Home 01/19/16

Long before I had even been accepted into the CIMBA program, I began receiving advice and testimonies from anyone and everyone who had been in, or near, Italy. I’ve been told again and again that my norm in Italy will be so completely different from my current normal. After a mid-shower revelation that in less […]

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  • Drew
  • The University of Iowa
  • 2015 Fall

How To Defeat Homesickness While Studying Abroad 11/24/15

So it finally happened. After an entire two months of being abroad, it finally hit me: I was homesick. It almost came out of nowhere. All of a sudden, I was missing my friends, my family, and living in my favorite city in the world, Iowa City.  It wasn’t until I snapped out of this […]

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  • Kelsey V.
  • Purdue University
  • 2015 Spring

5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Study Abroad 03/31/15

For years, students from all over the world have flocked to Europe seeking a supercharged study abroad experience. We come bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to take on the world. We have visions of the semester ahead of us perfected to a tee. If you’re anything like me, you may even spend hours on the Internet […]

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  • John
  • University of Delaware
  • 2014 Spring

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun! Mindfulness, Projects, Family, and Two Historic Italian Cities 03/11/14

And yet another week flies by at CIMBA.  I cannot believe that we are already more than halfway through our semester.  I know that I have said it before, but there is just so much happening on campus that, before you know it, you are leaving to travel on the weekend and thinking of everything […]

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