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  • John
  • University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
  • Spring 2018

Etiquette, Eating & Excursions Abroad 02/27/18

Coming into CIMBA and studying abroad I would not have considered myself a very polite eater at dinner. However, things changed when all of us had the opportunity to attend an Etiquette seminar hosted by Dr. Al Ringleb. Here, we learned all the must-knows for European dining, such as silverware placement, allowing the host to […]

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  • Carley
  • University of Missouri
  • 2017 Spring

The Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts of a Formal Dinner: 02/20/17

So last week we were given a quiz over formal dinner etiquette followed by a seminar to review the subject. Going in, I felt pretty confident on my dinner etiquette… I mean I knew how to drink tea with my pinky up, so I was basically super proper, right? Yeah…unfortunately not. After getting a solid […]

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  • Emily
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • 2016 Spring

The Dos and Don’ts of Coffee Shop Etiquette In Italy 02/15/16

Buongiorno! With a month spent here in Italy, I figured it was time to talk about a subject very near and dear to my heart:  Coffee. Like many of you, I don’t mess around when it comes to my daily coffee. Although I would like to think I don’t need the caffeine to get my […]

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