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  • Emily
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • 2016 Spring

4 Tricks for Keeping Up with the “Study” in Study Abroad 02/08/16

Ciao! What a wonderful first few weeks it has been! Between planning trips, taking a weekend trip to Paris, and trying to visit all the local places here in Paderno, it has been non-stop adventure. So much in fact, that it’s been pretty dang easy to forget the primary reason I’m here in the first […]

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  • Jacob
  • University of Kansas
  • 2015 Summer

The Classroom Experience 06/02/15

Perhaps one of my favorite things about my experience at CIMBA so far has been the professors here. While there are so many other things to be doing in  Italy, my professors have made every second of class meaningful and the lessons they teach intentional. In my international financial accounting class taught by Dr. Tim […]

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