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  • Kaden
  • Kansas State University
  • 2016 Summer

Hostel (No, Not the Movie): What to Look for When Booking a Hostel for Travel in Europe 05/27/16

I was nervous about several things before my study abroad experience, but the main thing was staying in my first hostel.  Hostels are places that offer inexpensive food and lodging for travelers and are the main form of lodging for students traveling in Europe.  I heard from people who have seen the Hostel movie trilogy […]

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  • Elizabeth
  • University of Minnesota
  • 2015 Fall

The Pros and Cons of Cheap Flights 11/23/15

As a student, large amounts of extra spending money aren’t easy to come by. Consequently, affording personal travel while studying abroad is quite the feat. When we’re making plans to travel on weekends and travel breaks, the ultimate goal is to see as much as possible while spending as little as possible on transportation and accommodations! No […]

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