My Top 3 Favorite Spots on the CIMBA Campus

Written by Samantha May 20, 2016


As I walked off the bus onto the CIMBA campus, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of excitement. The last time I had been out of the country, it was to Israel for a 10-day journey. However, Italy is a different story.

I am lucky enough to call this campus and country my home for the next month, whereas most people can only dream of an opportunity like this. The drive to campus was along the Veneto countryside, sprinkled with towns and terraces. After about a half an hour of driving, I realized we were driving closer and closer to the mountains. The dark, jagged edges of the mountains were getting more defined as we drove farther and farther north toward Paderno Del Grappa. After sitting on the bus, patiently waiting for the brakes of the bus to pull up to CIMBA (and after passing through every small town we thought would be a our stop), we finally pulled up to the gate at CIMBA. After we arrived and settled in, we quickly realized how small this campus (and town) really was. After only four short days we’ve been on campus, I can already feel this community and country transforming into my home away from home. 

There are many, many things that I love already about this campus. However, I want to highlight three of my favorite places I’ve accumulated thus far on this trip:

  • The local Cafe/Bar: So, most Americans automatically assume a “bar” is just for liquor. However, Italy is historically known for its cafe bars that serve cafe macchiato and cappuccinos! The bar (cafe) is a very unique and local attraction and a wonderful place to do homework, practice your Italian and enjoy a coffee on the patio area. However, I am a bit surprised on how different the coffee is in Italy. Starbucks and Caribou cannot compare to the style or taste of the coffee experience in Italy.
  • The center of campus: The Istituti Filippin where CIMBA is housed is a very small campus. There are about 4 or 5 buildings in total and they are all centered on a square in the middle of campus. It has a great view and is a relaxing “hangout” place for students. This is probably one of the most active places around campus, where students are bustling to class, or the cafeteria. This is one of my favorite places on campus because it brings out the character of the CIMBA campus. The rocks along the main drive and sitting areas are important for students and faculty alike.
  • The view of Mount Grappa: I think the view of Monte Grappa is one of the greatest parts about campus. CIMBA is located in the bed of the mountain and a couple excursions have been planned to drive to the very top where a memorial awaits. Those living in the LaSalle dorm get to enjoy a picturesque scene in their backyard. My roommate and I, however, acquired the view of the center of campus. Nonetheless, the view of the mountain from my window is still just as breathtaking.

All in all, I am looking forward to the memories and education that will take place on this campus. My three favorite places on campus will surely expand as we explore the small community and neighboring towns.