Written by Sam May 19, 2017

The trip over has gone very well so far and morale is still high even after the 10-hour flight! Arriving at CIMBA has been very exciting so far. We took a tour of campus and partially of the city center in Paderno del Grappa earlier. During the tour, we learned about the town’s history and how it was a pivotal battlefront during World War 1. It is a smaller town in Italy, but it has a very relaxed vibe and is a close-knit community. I am excited to meet locals and learn more about them and their lives.

I am looking forward to traveling and putting myself in new and slightly uncomfortable situations. The founder of the program said the best kind of trip we can take is to “get on the wrong bus to the wrong train station at the wrong time in the wrong direction” and still figure it out. I hope not quite that many things go wrong while I travel, but I look forward to building a bit of character in the cities I travel to. One of my goals is to really be present in everything I do here, to enjoy it as much as possible, and not worry so much.