Paderno Del Grappa: small, quiet, and full of hiding treasures.

Written by Raleigh Woods June 6, 2018

A lot of people when they choose to study abroad in Italy chose the big cities like Florence or Rome. These towns are filled with the hustle and bustle of tourism and shine with what everyone thinks of Italy as. Paderno, on the other hand, offers a much different experience, one I have truly grown to love and all the little secrets it holds.

Secret 1: The coffee shop up the street. The first time I walked up that way when I was exploring I walked right past it. From the road, there is no indication that what appears to be a cute house is a coffee shop. When I finally figured out that it was I felt like I hit the jackpot. The shop is run by an older Italian woman who speaks absolutely no English. Despite the fact that our languages are different I feel as if she could be my aunt. Each time I order I have no idea what she is saying as she rambles on Italian but I know her words are filled with love and joy. When she delivers your beverage it is always delivered with a smile.

The coffee shop is a stellar place to just get a drink, do some homework, or just chill with friends. There is no wifi, but that’s really not a problem because it is just nice to relax.

Order suggestions: cappuccino or latte macchiato

Secret 2: The Tabacchi 2: Tabacchi’s in Italy are basically a gas station store without the gas. They have all the essentials, anything from snacks to deodorant to coloring books. The second one on the street outside campus is run by a man named Diego. Diego is a sweet older man who makes the best sandwiches and is always up for a good conversation.

Tabacchi 2 is a great place to go to get an afternoon snack or a sandwich for your travel weekend! Pro tip: pre-order your sandwich at the beginning of the week to pick up on Thursday; this saves lots of time, makes it much easier for Diego, and ensures that you get what you want on there. I’ve never been into that store and not see Diego smiling. It is my go-to for all my daily essentials. 

Secret 3: (ok so this is not actually in Paderno but its close enough) The gelato shop down the hill. If you are willing to walk 25 minutes and maybe work up a slight sweat but be sweetly rewarded with some gelato, I highly suggest taking a right when you leave campus and basically just walking down the road till you reach the next town. There is a gelato shop, a grocery store and a pizzeria. All are super accessible and make for a fun evening out if you want to do something chill after you finish your homework.