Tanya Botten

CIMBA MBA Program Full-Time 2020

Tanya Botten had always been passionate about traveling and learning new things. She decided to participate in a CIMBA semester program even though she had already studied abroad previously in Spain. Tanya said, “CIMBA provided me with opportunities to develop strong problem solving skills and discover my strengths and weaknesses.” She credits her experience to learning about business etiquette, observing how organizations flourish in a world economy, and understanding how to make decisions with facts rather than emotions. 

After Undergrad she worked for 10 years in various marketing roles for major brands including UnitedHealth Group, ResMed, ExxonMobil, etc. 

In 2020, Tanya was an MBA graduate from the CIMBA program through the University of Iowa. Tanya said, “My decision to get my MBA at CIMBA was the best decision. I had the opportunity to live in Italy with my family, elevate my business acumen, learn in an international environment and build soft skills that are critical for future managers.”  

Tanya and her husband Elliot (CIMBA MBA graduate 2008) live in California with their two children and dog.