Samuele Zanella

Export Manager, Dainese and AGV

CIMBA Part-time MBA, 2015
Samuele Zanella was the Part-time Student of the Year for 2015. The award is an acknowledgement of the many challenges he overcame to earn his MBA after two long years of balancing work, family, and classes. Samuele said that “leaving work for a month was not at all easy, and I still had to handle many of my job responsibilities. My absence was during our full sales campaign, and as you can imagine, it was the most important time for a sales manager and for a company. My company was aware of my trip and supported me. Before leaving, I did everything I could to prepare my sales force to maximize results. First thing I did every morning and the last thing I’d do at night was to reply to emails and stay up to date from half a world away.” Read more about Samuele’s experience here.