Bing Howell

Bing first attended CIMBA as an undergraduate student studying abroad during the fall 2002 semester. After graduating from Iowa State University, he was selected to serve as a Campus Life Coordinator (CLC) while pursuing his MBA part-time with CIMBA in 2004. Although he was busy working and taking classes, he was still able to find the time to learn Italian, indulge his passion for traveling, and build lifelong friendships with students, professionals, and locals from around the Veneto region.

While working for CIMBA as a CLC, he dedicated most of his time to developing the foundations of the LEAP (Learn, Enrich, Achieve, Perform) personal development program. While working through the LEAP process, he identified a life calling to work in education development and reform and has been doing so since his graduation from the CIMBA MBA program in 2006.

After graduation, he moved to the United Kingdom and worked as an educational consultant focusing on creating transformational learning environments. He worked with schools, local educational authorities, and their partners to understand 21st century challenges in education and designed learning environments that would help students face these obstacles. Returning to the U.S. in 2009, he worked for Citizen Schools where he managed their New Jersey operations. He went on to supervise state support for the most challenged schools and districts statewide for both the New Jersey and the Tennessee Departments of Education. He currently serves as the Vice President of School Growth Strategy for New Schools for Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he works to bring in some of the best school operators fromĀ aroundĀ the country to provide educational opportunities to students and families of Baton Rouge and Louisiana. From London (UK) to Baton Rouge (LA, USA), he has been working to reform educational inequalities in some of the most challenged education districts and regions around the world.