Post CIMBA- Invaluable Experience

Written by Mia January 3, 2015

Hello! Ciao!

This is Mia back in the USA and my CIMBA life is totally over with this last blog. Looking back at the last semester, so many things remain giving me lots of memories and experiences. I really wanted to put all of them in these blogs but those experiences were difficult to express in words. 

About the goals I set before, it was pretty successful. I could live a very regular life in CIMBA, work out by myself, attain the expected grade as I studied. Actually, during CIMBA, I became an early bird and it is pretty much kept until now. CIMBA has a very strict attendance policy unlike any other college, but it helped students keep focus on their academic life. In addition, I became very healthy, as an international student living by myself in USA, I have no choice but to follow certain classes so that my personal life was rather not being considered. However, coordinators in CIMBA always cared about the student’s academic life, as well as their personal life, which made me feeling very supported.

There was difficulties as well, it was the first time for me to stay with Americans very closely (actually live right next door) and do various exercise with them. Since my English was not perfect, I felt a little scared to approach them. In the end, I learned how to become friends with them and about the culture. I think it was only possible because it is CIMBA.